Sheriff's HiLo

Hopefully, nobody shoot the Sherif here. This confirmation indicator was released recently in the Metatrader ecosystem, and I thought it would be intereting to develop it for the NinjaTrader Paltform. This indicator has 3 main advantages: - it is a very broad signals for long trend moves (short or long). - it is a simple color based identification. - it has only two settings for quick(er) testing. The default settings for this indicator returned very interesting results. nut tweaking the settings sometimes give spectacular, sometimes ordinary results.
Manufacturer: nt8indicators
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Dorsey Inertia

Developed by Donald Dorsey, the Inertia Indicator is an extension of Dorseys Relative Volatility Index and is used to define the long-term trend and how far it has extended. Its name refers to the physics term and its reference to direction and mass of motion. Dorsey states that a trend is simply the “outward result of inertia” and as such, the market will require much more energy to reverse its direction than to extend the ongoing move.


This indicator is considered a “confirmation indicator” which falls into the category of indicators that serve as an initial checkpoint after the baseline indicator provides you with a foundational signal. The Coral indicator is a combination of moving averages smoothed exponentially.


Laguerre RSI is based on John EHLERS' Laguerre Filter to avoid the noise of RSI . As such, it is possible to use it to plot trend changes more precisely - and thus open and close positions at these points.

Marubozu Scanner

Marubozus are an interesting candle pattern wherein the close and open of the candle are also the high / low points of the candle. In other words, a candle with no shadows or wicks. How reliable are they, though? Probably not very reliable on their own. It may also depend on the size of the candle. You would probably want to incorporate this candle pattern with other filters, like RSI , MACD , to filter trade opportunities.