Trend Lord

The TrendLord indicator is a chart overlay indicator which can be used as a confirmation indicator. It is a derivative of a smoothed moving average but with the advantage of representing it as a colored change histogram.
Manufacturer: nt8indicators

The name speaks for itself. This indicator is the leading trend-following technical tool with a moving average-like demo process. It uses a 12-day smoothed moving average of closing price data for the period. It is an effective trading solution used by both experienced and new traders for scalping and intraday trading. Therefore, it is suitable for 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour timeframes. You can use the Trend Lord indicator in other financial markets besides the forex market.

The indicator reacts quickly to price changes and lags less than regular moving averages.

A bullish trend occurs when the price closes above the green indicator bars, and a bearish trend occurs when the price closes below the red indicator bars.

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Trend Lord User Manual

This is the User Manual for the Trend Lord Indicator


This version of the GChannel indicator was created in 2021 by a gifted coder. It’s pretty easy to use and provides clear signals, It may be used as a baseline indicator.

Blast Off! Momentum

This indicator is an alternative interpretation of the Blast Off Indicator by Larry Williams. This formula takes positive and negative magnitudes rather than the absolute value. The result is then smoothed with an EMA, and twice smoothed to provide a signal line. Originaly found on tradingview:

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Indicator designed by Larry Williams, who in 2002 called this indicator Blast Off, which translated means to jump out. The indicator aims to identify price explosions, both positive and negative. To obtain this result the OPEN and CLOSE values are compared with HIGH and LOW and if the difference between the OPEN and the CLOSE of the day is less than 20% of the range (HIGH-LOW), the explosion is likely to occur of price, or if the absolute value of (OPEN-CLOSE) / HIGH-LOW is less than 20% a Blast Off is expected This indicator doesn't work on renko bars, or bars where high-low equals open-close.