Trend Lord User Manual

This is the User Manual for the Trend Lord Indicator
Manufacturer: nt8indicators
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Trend Lord

The TrendLord indicator is a chart overlay indicator which can be used as a confirmation indicator. It is a derivative of a smoothed moving average but with the advantage of representing it as a colored change histogram.

2 Pole Super Smoother Filter User Manual

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Arnaud Legoux Moving Average

As the name suggests, the ALMA indicator is a moving average (MA) variant and was created by Arnaud Legoux in 2009. The goal was to decrease the lag commonly encountered with moving averages. As with most moving averages, this indicator aims to detect trends and trend reversals. It works similarly to other moving averages, but one of the main differentiators is that it calculates 2 moving averages, one from left to right and one from right to left. This output is then further processed through a customizable formula, for either increased smoothness or increased responsiveness.

Know Sure Thing User Manual

This is the User Manual for the KST Indicator